Good morning everyone!

Your thirst for more bandwidth has pushed some of our equipment to it's limits - as a result we are having to erect a temporary tower while we wait for government approval to erect a much larger and more permanent tower. 

To give you an idea, we're moving on average 330 gigabytes a day - or about 10 terabytes per month. This is more than we expected at this stage of the game. To put this amount of data in perspective, this works out to over 4,000 hours of HD Netflix per month - about 5 times more hours than there are in an actual month.

We're thrilled that people are using Detour to it's maximum, and we look forward to the improvements this upgrade will bring.

The tower should take about a half-day to erect, and at the end there will be a short "blip" of less than a minute as we switch antennae. Provided the weather holds out, this should be happening today around 4:00pm. This should clear up 90% of the speed issues we've been having since the new year. With this new tower up, we'll be able to better handle the major speed upgrade headed down the pipe in the next couple weeks that we've been waiting for since mid-December.

Thanks again for taking the Detour!



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Upgrades Today!

Detour Wireless is upgrading our internet feed from 2:30pm-3:30pm this afternoon. Please be patient while we improve your connection. 

Thank you for taking the Detour!

Update at 3:53 - we have been up for about ten minutes, and things are looking absolutely wonderful now. Sorry about the interruption!

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Planned Blips This Morning

Hello everyone, Adam here. There will be some blips in the service this morning until just after noon as we take the first steps to move towards our long-term network plan that means more reliability and speed for all. Once again we thank you for your patience as we continue to improve.


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Work in the Next Month - we want your feedback!

Hello everyone, Adam here (again!)

We have a ton of work to do in the next month - equipment swaps, new towers to put up (yay for more coverage!) and sealing things up for the coming winter. All of this results in bits of downtime or service interruptions - usually less than five minutes, but we know how frustrating outages of any length kind can be.

So I would like your feedback - when is the best time to do this work? 

Here's a chart of last week's usage patterns:


We've removed some information for confidentiality reasons, but you get the gist - the "clearest" time  is typically between 2AM and 5AM - and work that can be done in this time will be done at this time. But other times we need the daylight, and that's where you come in!

We'd like to lock down a time when you can expect a blip during the day so we don't get inundated with phonecalls. We'll still be providing warning on the day of, but having a single time gives us a better ability to plan.

So: What time works best for you - overall?

Edit: I forgot to post this to Facebook/Twitter at the same time - but it should be up now!

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Detour Talk is now available!


Detour Talk is now available!

For those people who love their land lines, Detour Wireless is excited to announce the launch of Detour Talk! Like our internet service our phone service is easy to use and very affordable. Features include;

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited calling anywhere in Canada...yes unlimited...yes nationwide!  
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call forwarding
  • E911

You may also choose to keep your existing phone number!  


$40.00+tax for the Detour Talk Box (one time charge)

$14.00+tax /month 


If you would like to keep your existing phone number there is a $35.00+tax Porting fee. If you'd like to do this, do not cancel your home phone service, as you will lose rights to your number!

(International minutes sold separately) (Actual phone not included)(Phone will not work without power/internet) 

Call us @ 1-844-i-Detour OR click on the signup tab at the top of the screen to book your Detour Talk phone service today!










Updates (Phone is here!)

Hello Detourists, Adam here again. I'm rolling out a number of updates to our infrastructure and to a few pieces of customer equipment that needs to be done prior to the addition of our two new towers upcoming in the next couple of weeks, so there might be a two or three blip in the system once or twice before 5pm. If anything changes, I'll update it here.

In other news, our Detour Talk (home phone) service has reached the light of day. We'll be filling you in later this week with more details, but stay tuned!

Thanks for taking the Detour!