For those people who love their land lines, Detour Wireless is excited to announce the launch of Detour Talk! Like our internet service our phone service is easy to use and very affordable. Features include;

  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited calling anywhere in Canada...yes unlimited...yes nationwide!  
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Call forwarding
  • E911

You may also choose to keep your existing phone number!  


$40.00+tax for the Detour Talk Box (one time charge)

$14.00+tax /month 


If you would like to keep your existing phone number there is a $35.00+tax Porting fee. If you'd like to do this, do not cancel your home phone service, as you will lose rights to your number!

(International minutes sold separately) (Actual phone not included)(Phone will not work without power/internet) 

Call us @ 1-844-i-Detour OR click on the signup tab at the top of the screen to book your Detour Talk phone service today!