At Detour, we take your privacy very seriously.

The following document outlines the information we collect, what we use it for, how long we keep it and how we do (or don't) share it with third parties.

Some of the terms below, such as "IP address", you may not be clear of the meaning of. Fear not - Google has a list of key terms and explanations they use for their privacy policy that happens to cover all the terms we use here (and then some!)

Regarding your account, we collect and store three things:

  • Your basic identification information, including names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses so that we can contact you regarding your account
  • Banking and/or credit card information that we use to bill you
  • All communications (phonecalls, emails etc...) between you and Detour so we can track and improve the quality of our service

All communications are deleted from Detour's servers within a year of termination of your service.

The remaining information is kept for a minimum of seven years past the end of service to comply with CRA accounting requirements. We will never sell,  or otherwise transfer this information to any third party without your consent unless such action is necessary to start, terminate or retain your service; for example, to send a third party technician to your home for installation or repair, we would need to give them your address. Any third party hired by us is working on behalf of Detour Wireless and is bound by this same Policy.

Regarding the use of your account, we collect and store two more things:

  • How much bandwidth your account is using at any given time
  • What IP and/or MAC address(es) are bound to an account at any given time
  • The status of your connection at any given time

This information is stored in our server logs. We use this information for four purposes:

  • Monitoring our network for sources of malicious or illegal activity (hacking, etc...) both against Detour and the rest of the Internet
  • Monitoring your account's connection to ensure we meet our standards of service
  • Analytics of our entire network so that we can maintain or improve our level of service to our customers
  • Be able to identify an IP address with an account at a given time if we are handed a Canadian subpoena requesting us to do so

We keep this information for a maximum of 18 months after the termination of your service.

Should Detour Wireless Inc. be served for a Canadian court order for any of the above information, we must comply with this order, which may result in your information being held by police or other law enforcement past the timeframe stated above. Once information is out of the control of Detour, we can't be held responsible, liable or accountable for any sort of loss or damages that may result.

That's it. Have concerns? E-mail us.